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About Mountain Chickadee

Hello! My name is Lana and I am your virtual assistant in the sky!

As a Virtual Assistant I work remotely from the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

I live a peaceful existence in a cozy log cabin with my childhood sweetheart and our rescue dogs Abbey and Leo. I love cooking, gardening, music and spending time with my three grown children.

My tranquil surroundings and the songs of local birds were the inspiration for my company name – Mountain Chickadee. The Chickadee symbolizes cheerfulness, playfulness, starting new projects, modesty and the simple joys of life. Its song reminds us how good life is and that the greatest beauty is in the simple things. It chases away dark thoughts, turning them to a good mood, and filling our hearts with love and joy.

My mountain home creates an ideal setting to provide a deep level of care and quality support to my clients. Surrounded by the forest and an abundance of wild life is the perfect backdrop to be creative and to focus uninterrupted on the fine details of the services I provide to my clients.

I have 35 years of administrative experience and recently decided to retire from an office job and a long commute. I have enjoyed a very rewarding career, working in industries such as mining & exploration, publication, not for profit, oil & gas software development and executive leadership coaching. Now it’s time for me to create my own entity focused on supporting you!

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